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How Sell Your House Fast Kentucky Works

We buy properties in any condition. No commissions. No agents. No hassle. If you contact us now, you will get an instant cash offer without commitment or obligation.


    We buy houses in EVERY CONDITION in Kentucky. Get a quick and fair all-cash offer today! Complete the quick form below or call us at (502) 335-4800.

    Here’s Our Home Purchasing Process

    step 1 sell your house fast

    Make the initial contact by filling out our property form or calling 502-335-4800.

    step 2 sell your house fast

    We’ll call you to discuss your house details and schedule a meeting for condition verification.

    step 3 sell your house fast

    You’ll get a reasonable quote for your property.

    step 4 sell your house fast

    When you accept, we’ll close at a professional title company and pay in cash.

    What to expect and when: Typically, we’ll contact you immediately after receiving your mail. You’ll get a fair cash offer within 8 minutes or at most 24 hours. However, you can send us some pictures to verify the house’s current condition. We’ll try to close quickly as soon as you communicate your acceptance. Finally, you will get cash within 3-30 days. If you have further questions about our process, visit our FAQs page.

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    Selling Your House Is Easier Than Ever

    Our range covers all areas in Kentucky. As real estate investors, we don’t use the Multiple Listing Service. Unlike realtors who try to find buyers for your house, we purchase properties directly. Since we are the direct buyers, we can easily control the transaction and tailor it to your needs. 

    Sell Your House Fast Kentucky closes quickly, sorts the paperwork, and pays you cash instantly. When homeowners work with us, there’s assurance that they will get the complete cash offer. This means you don’t have to spend on repairs, pay commissions, closing costs, or appraisal fees. 

    Our aim is to create a process that exempts all the hassle and makes selling a cakewalk. That’s why working with us is the opposite of dealing with real estate agents. Do you have a distressed property that can’t attract buyers on the open market? Give us a call TODAY.


    How Do We Buy Properties?

    Sell Your House Fast Kentucky Buys Houses in 3 straightforward steps. First, you’ll get an instant quote on your home, followed by a quick close, and finally, you walk away with cash. All we do is buy houses– and we are incredibly good at it! No repairs. No agents. No hidden charges. That’s what to expect when we purchase homes in Kentucky. Peradventure, you have a few queries about how our process works…  

    Check Out Our FAQ Below For Answers To Your Questions.


    Scroll down for the answers to these questions 

    family sold their house to Sell Your House Fast Kentucky

    How does our home purchasing process work?

    We ensure all homeowners enjoy a seamless procedure while working with us. As a result, our bid has no obligations whatsoever. Here’s a clear explanation of our process.


    That’s how our buying process works.

    sell your house fast Kentucky

    What details help form our cash offer?

    Sell Your House Fast Kentucky’s team has vast experience drafting cash offers. As a result, we can prepare a highly competitive proposal in a few minutes. Bearing in mind that your home is an essential aspect of your life, we try to make the greatest possible offer.

    But to achieve that, we need the following details:

    Once you’ve answered these questions, we’ll draft your cash offer. Why do we ask such questions? Because each homeowner has a peculiar house. We do our best to consider each house’s style, condition, and location to deliver a strong bid.

    Our Formula For Calculating Quotes

    “How much is my property worth?” is a question that bothers all homeowners when they decide to sell. To answer this question perfectly, we’d like to share our formula for calculating bids which is:



    Let’s take it a step further by explaining the formula’s components to make it easily understandable



    Arv means after repair value. Your home’s ARV is the retail value of your property after it has been remodeled or repaired. This is based on the assumption that the house doesn’t require any fixes and would appear attractive to any potential buyer.


    The repairs that get a house to its ARV state are pretty much subjective. You can’t always discover the extent of the repairs required while estimating. Hence, it’s not unusual to discover a plumbing concern while renovating a bathroom. Nor is it rare to notice a cracked foundation while remodeling the flooring. We do our due diligence during inspections to make a befitting offer. The more we trust our estimate for repairs, the better services we can provide. In extreme cases, we’ll make provisions for unexpected repairs while drafting our bid. 


    Transaction costs consist of several costs attached to selling. For instance, we pay loan origination fees and interest-only monthly installments, which fall under the loan costs. The total transaction costs is expected to be about 15%.


    We have to stay in business and support our families by making money. Our profit margin isn’t fixed. Sometimes we make about 10% or lower in extreme cases but aim for 15%. Our repair estimates aren’t always accurate. Whenever this happens, our profit tends to take a hit. That’s why we try to make it as precise as possible. While cautiously working our way around figures, the 15% estimated profit is a relief from the hassle of not knowing what to expect. 


    The addition of the transaction cost and minimum profit is 30%. Hence, our final formula for our quotes is =  ARV– 30% – repairs. That’s how we determine our bids. There are no surprises while working with us. You will get exactly how much we promised– no changes.  

    Ultimately, for a more specific answer to the question: “how much will I get for my house” click the link below…

    What factors influence our all-cash offer?

    How long does it take us to buy a home?

    We conclude the sale within a few days. Dedicated to over-delivering, we make conscious efforts to detect and resolve any problems that could cause delays. Since we promise to close soon, we strive to keep our promise at all costs. 


    We’ll start drafting your bid when you accept our offer.  After submitting all documents demanded by the title company, we’ll address any issues we discover. We can avoid delays by resolving any problems at this stage.

    The professional title company evaluates the title to check its transferability. We’ll have to resolve any title issue before proceeding with the sale. We’ll also inspect the house thoroughly and obtain funding to buy your home. At our discretion, we may invite some partners and contractors to check out the house.

    Ultimately, we’ll conclude the sale; you’ll walk away with cash. The whole process might take about 7 days under normal circumstances. But if we encounter any title concerns, it may take up to 10-28 days. 

    Need a “cash for my house Kentucky” approach? Contact us TODAY!